• Mike Hall for Mackellar

    Local Greens members selected Warriewood business owner and former journalist Mike Hall to contest Mackellar in the next federal election.


    Standing up for what matters in our community

    We are an autonomous local group

    Affiliated to both the Greens NSW and Australian Greens

    Developing policies; campaigning for change


    Northern Beaches Greens is an autonomous local group, with our own constitution, based on the northern beaches of Sydney. We are affiliated with our state party which in turn is affiliated with the Australian Greens.



    All members are able, and encouraged, to have a say in the policy and strategic direction of the party. The Greens NSW take all proposals by local groups to a bi-monthly forum of members - the State Delegates Council (SDC). We have an important role in representing our group’s position on proposals put forward by others.

    Contesting elections and campaigning

    We run candidates in elections at all levels of government

    Mike Hall, our candidate for Mackellar, with Senator Lee Rhiannon and Warringah candidate Clara Roldan Williams


    We manage Greens representation at elections. We field candidates for the Pittwater and Wakehurst electorates at state level and Mackellar at the federal level. We also field candidates in local council elections, develop campaigns and organise polling-booth volunteers.



    At the local level, we initiate campaigns on key issues often in collaboration with community groups that share our values. We support campaigns driven by Greens MPs, representing the NSW Greens and the Australian Greens by taking them to our local area.

    Promoting grassroots democracy

    Our members are involved in decision-making

    Meeting Greens leader Richard Di Natale in Narrabeen


    The Greens is a solidly grassroots organisation offering all members real opportunity to participate in every aspect of the party’s operation. Decisions are collaborative and set within a procedure known as ‘consensus decision making’. Only if after several opportunities to reach consensus on a proposal have failed will decisions move to a vote.


    To support the idea of collaborative intention in consensus decision making, the party also has a well-defined protocol of ‘Safe Meeting Process.’ This ensures an inclusive atmosphere is created and a vocal minority doesn't dominate meetings.

  • We want everyone to be able to have a say in decisions that affect their lives

    The Northern Beaches Greens cover the state electorates of Pittwater and Wakehurst and the Federal electorate of Mackellar. Please sign up below if you'd like to know more about us.


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